Cornerstone Alarm & Security

Technological Solutions for Today's World

Our Vision

Our company was incorporated in 1989 as CAS, Inc. We initially provided IT product and service solutions for Fortune 500 companies through their various equipment and service providers.  We specialized in Unisys systems, associated products, and item processing systems. For many years we supported Unisys with the supply of recalibrated proprietary components that had entered into an “End of Life” cycle. Quite often parts were delivered direct to Unisys Technicians to be utilized in critical use IT centers across the United States.  What we learned from this experience is that the key to gaining the respect and trust needed in a business relationship is to always offer a higher standard of service and support.   


 Our staff is experienced in the industry of supplying Security, CCTV, and Card Access solutions to companies just like yours. We are a client focused organization that will listen to your needs and identify the best quality and valued products.  Our goal is always to meet and exceed your standards. The backbone of this industry has been safety and security monitoring for intrusion, fire, and health monitoring for the well being of all.  The diverse solutions needed in today’s world are not just about safety intrusion and security monitoring. The technology available now offers ways to cost effectively solve  situations that may occur with employees, clients, equipment, inventories, vehicles, and buildings for a varied need of purposes and applications.    

Technological achievements have occurred in all industries at such a rapid pace that there are now a wide range of suppliers for the same quality of comparable products. These products are available through well known and established major corporations to companies that have only web based store fronts. The most distinguishing characteristic a company can now offer is the level of service and support the clients receive pre delivery and post delivery of an equipment order. Service and Support formed the CORNERSTONE of our business.